Tuesday, March 10, 2009

"small" group

Our church is doing a 40 day series on LOVE and has asked everyone to join a small group for the 6 week series. My ex-co-worker at church, asked if Shawn and I would just meet up with them on Tuesdays for dinner and to do a really small group. She is obviously at the church a lot (she still works there) and I still volunteer there and we are in a class there on Sunday nights. So we thought this might be a way to make it just a little quicker.
Here's the deal. I didn't realize how much I missed her and how much I miss working alongside her until we did "small group". It is most definately NOT quicker. I get to see my friend again and talk about grown up things!!! I am talking to her and I am not in the car. No one is interrupting me to ask for more milk. No one is holding onto my leg. No one needs their diaper changed or a nap. (Well, the last one there is debatable, but you get my drift.)
Sometimes, I feel bad. She is an incredible person who juggles so much in life. Not only does she work full-time at the church (which by the way is like holding two full time jobs and being a counselor on the side) but she is raising two incredibley amazing kids and supporting her husband in his business. She doesn't have a great deal of time to be doing this. But mostly, I feel grateful. She comes in smiling, and reaching out to hug my son, always. No matter what craziness her day held, she smiles her smile and makes things better for those around her. She listens as I fall off topic, she laughs at my lame jokes, and she tolerates my general need to use so many words a day.
I don't miss working per se, but I miss her. (Sidenote: I also miss the other people and the bottomless coffee our secretary made for the staff's caffine issues.) And when the six weeks are up, we'll still talk and see each other, probably often. And sometimes, I bet we'll even get to have a real conversation about God, life and relationships for over five minutes without a little voice, another phonecall, or a motherly duty interrupting. But for now I get a weekly gift, of conversation and coffee with my dear friend. It's God's little reminder that He's looking out for me right when I need it most!

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  1. She is an amazing woman! I'm glad you found some tome to (re)connect.