Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Brayden's turned one and with this transition it seems all his character has been turned up about 1000 notches and I am enjoying every minute. He is so happy, so funny, so full of life and joy. He laughs lots, talks all day (sadly, I believe both my children have been influenced by my need to say so many words a day), signs please for just about everything and is always ready to run into your arms and snug in close. His four tooth smile,with accompanying scrunched up nose is enough to make me give him anything he wants...almost.

I have found it is in fact hard to resist, "the baby." No wonder so many get spoiled. When I punish him, I am nearly always terribley sad about it or trying my best to hold back laughter at his antics. This kid already knows how to work the charm, the sense of humor and the tears. He amazes me daily with how smart he is (he already knows how to get his shoes and coat when you tell him and will actually try to put them on) and how dumb he pretends to be (he also knows how to give you an innocent look when caught,hand in the snack cupboard that he knows is off limits). He keeps me on my toes and constantly amazed.

Today Brayden got his hand slammed in the front door by his brother. In defense of Gavin, he was attempting to prevent Brayden from escaping...he is very concerned about when Brayden breaks the rules. This means Gavin is constantly monitering Brayden, because, well Brayden is my rule pusher. Anyway...his fingers were cut and swelling and big, true tears rolled down Brayden's cheeks. It broke my heart. I couldn't stop the tears. My joy lover had his joy sucked out with one quick slam of the door.

It was hard to have him so sad for so long. You could tell his fingers throbbed and Gavin and I just sat beside him snuggling and trying to make him happy. The whole atmosphere of the house was sad. He refused to cheer up for awhile and both Gavin and I stumbled through dinner prep listening to the whimper of our joyless one, not quite sure what to make of it. It was strange to see the impact this little character has had on our family. In one year he has made such a contribution to this family. It amazes me that his demeanor could effect all our spirits so greatly.

He is feeling better now. Laughing with his brother at the baby gate and trying to get in to see me. Smiling his flirty smile, and hoping I'll let him in. Gavin laughing beside him, infected by the joy that has started creeping back into Brayden's spirit (maybe it was in the tylonol?).

I love it. I love how God makes us all so different. I love how families are knit together. I love how we each have something to bring to the table. I love how God knows exactly what needs to be on that table. And I love how Brayden brought us joy.

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