Friday, May 29, 2009


Cooking. You either love or hate it. I, personally, love to hate it. I love the opportunity to cook. I love trying new things.I love sipping wine and stirring the pot. I love enjoying the food. I hate whenever I want to make something specific I am missing one key ingredient. I hate that making most things worth eating takes more time than two kids will give you. I hate it when recipes call for obscure ingredients that cost a fortune and you aren't sure when you'll ever use them again (I have still never used the rest of that celery seed). I hate going through recipes, making grocery lists and trying to avoid mac and cheese, yet again.

So, in order to attempt to feed my family a better variety of meals, that I don't have to cook...I organized a frozen food exchange among my friends. Today, four moms and six kids came over to play and food was exchanged. It was awesome. My freezer is full and all I had to do was cook one meal, six times. Way easier. I am in my happy place.

The best part was it was sunny so us moms could sit on the deck, watch our kids and know that dinner has already been prepared. Although I will say with eight kids running around the backyard, the actual sitting only occured for minute intervals. On days like this, my favorite thing is when Shawn asks, "So how are your friends, what's new?" How the heck should I know? If I even got the chance to ask, I didn't get to listen to the answer because I was saving Lightening McQueen from drowning or they were monitering the fort to make sure both boys and girls were allowed. But I digress...

All that to say, I have cooked for the week. And inspired by my well-being, I also prepared recipies and a grocery list for the next week. Even typed it up and saved it on the computer to use again. How's that for handy...Move over Martha, eat your heart out Betty Crocker, I have arrived!

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