Sunday, May 3, 2009

Welcome home

Dad has been gone for about 4 days now and we were running along pretty smoothly, until tonight. We were leaving our church and I told my son to "run run run" and unfortunately he did, did, did, right into a table corner. This corner happened to be right at eye level for Gavin and he now has a pretty decent gash right above his left eye.
I'll be honest. Gavin has seen his share of emergency room visits. Mostly because the little guy has horrible asthma and any illness results in breathing issues. However, this is the first time I have really seen blood flow out of him and I was really sad. Add that to the exhaustion of four days alone (and they were busy days) and I nearly started crying for him.
Fortunately, my little guy is tough and is really into water bottles. So with a little ice and the promise of his very own water bottle, we calmed down pretty quick. (This is when being two pays off...I am not sure how long a water bottle will hold that much incentive.) He was good to go.
So his little buddies walked him out to the car and helped him climb in. Then, in my state of "wiped" I climbed in too, put the key in the ignition and I hear a voice,
"Mommy, I need buckle."
Yes. I forgot to buckle my already injured child. Way to go Mom. I'm leaving this one out of my parenting books.
All that to say, praise God Shawn is coming home. Dad's often work a lot and aren't seen nearly as much as moms. But the reality is...whatever hours they give are such a gift. One less diaper is still one less diaper. Not dragging in the garbage cans and not having to take charge of the "war on moles" are gifts. Not being the sole entertainment at the end of the day is SO nice.
So thank you dad. And welcome home. Your son looks awful, but at least I got him buckled in.

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