Sunday, May 3, 2009


Two things I realllllly don't like. Popping balloons and getting shocked. I think it's because usually, you never know when either is coming...BAM it just happens. Maybe it's the bit of type A in me coming out....but I want to know before you freak me out!
In regards to balloons, unfortunately, I worked with kids for 7 years and then proceeded to have two, which did expose me to balloons a lot. I don't know what it is about these floating time bombs that kids love so much, but waiting for them to pop (because you know with kids it's only a matter of time) tenses me up like no other.
I will say, I have learned to be less tense about it, but you won't necessarily see them floating around at my kids parties. As often as I can, I turn down the people who try to win me over by giving my kid a balloon (that means you Red Robin...balloon or not, you are still over priced and I am not sure if the refillable fries makes up for that). Balloons, they can be avoided.
Shock, that one is a bit harder. It's flip flop season and I am not sure what it is (maybe it's that I buy the $3 cheapo flip flops) but when I wear them I always get shocked. At my car and stores, I am always tentitivley reaching out, afraid to touch the door handles. I am sure I look like some sort of nutcase (I know this because I have recieved looks). No people, I am not OCD and terrified of "handles". Bring on the germs, but please help me avoid the violent voltage that scares me and stings my hand.
It's silly really, but I do not like it...and now with my two kids...I have been introduced to a new form of torture. Large plastic climbing toys. They are awful!!! Those slides will get you and frankly, there have been a few times I nearly let Gavin fly completely off onto his bum, only to throw my arms out at the last minute, because it took me that long to debate whether his saftey or mine was more important. He's worth the risk of high voltage.
Now Brayden wants to go on the slides too. He's too little to go alone and what does that mean? It means I go too. It's shock central. I would use the word "hate" here, but since we're trying to cut it out of our vocabulary, let's just say I EXTREMELY DISLIKE going on these toys. I do not like climbing and waiting for the next little twinge of ampage. Mostly I don't like going down the slide feeling the ping ping ping on my arms, legs and any other part of me that dares touch the plastic offender.
I love being with my sons and watching them enjoy the outdoors and play...but if I ever launch into a diatribe when I'm older about all I did for them, they may not understand, but this is going to be on my list!

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