Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A beautiful phenomenon

So...yesterday, after the boys "roomtime" (this is the 30-40 minutes they have alone each morning...yesterday, Brayden was in his room and Gavin at the kitchen table with a project), Gavin went to let Brayden out of their room. I sat on the couch with my book, thinking they would come out and play for the next hour before we left for a friends house. My only goal was to finish the last three pages of the chapter in that hour. It seemed possible. So I began.
Five minutes went by and I only heard the boys chattering together. Ten more minutes passed and I heard more toys escaping from the toy box. Fifteen more minutes passed and I could hear Gavin teaching Brayden about Thomas trains and Brayden reading stories on his bed. In total, the boys must have played together in their room for about an hour. Amazing!
Multiple times, I thought of getting up to do something productive or to check on them, but I realized that would probably break the happy aura that surrounded the room. Their seems to be some sort of phenomenon that happens when I attempt productivity: productivity for mom = fighting and grumpiness for small children. Who was I to mess with the beauty God had provided?
And so I sat, on the couch, reading for an hour. Praise be to God. He knew I needed it and it was like a little piece of heaven! The boys are in roomtime now and we'll see what transpires when it's over. I have no delusions that we can repeat the glorious cooperation of yesterday, but boy wouldn't it be nice! At least I can say we are headed in the right direction! Go team!!

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