Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bird Update

The bird is still around. We are on day five. Each morning at 5am he begins head butting our windows. I have posted some google images of Owls on the back windows. I think it's working.
I am now risking my neighbor's judgement and printing out many owl pictures to cover the rest of the three windows and the sliding glass door, which have taken quite a beating. I will have some serious beak mark cleaning to do, by the time the bird dies or gives up.
Frankly, I am still not entirely sure why the bird is not dead. I think if it continues to wake us up at 5am it may be by this weekend. Shawn is NOT happy (and he doesn't even hear it during the rest of the day).
I am moving from "Silly bird", to "Stupid bird". I guess I can't blame him. I am pretty sure brain damage is now officially involved.

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