Wednesday, April 21, 2010


So it was awhile ago, but over spring break we went up to Leavenworth for one night. Just a little family time away. It was a sweet time with the boys and we enjoyed ourselves. I finally uploaded some pictures!
Gavin at the resteraunt...happy to be out of the car!
Brayden and Gav got to pick out one toy...this was their pick. Thomas pez dispensers. Awesome, cuz I don't think the Bartell's a mile from our house has one of those...however, as you can tell from the face...SO HAPPY!

The pool was definately a hightlight for both kids!

The fish hatcheries were a suprising hit and Gav and Bray flirted enough with one lady worker to get some fish food to feed the fish...onlookers were jealous.


Gav loved stopping in the snow on the way up...on the way down Shawn stopped and Gavin got very upset when Shawn threw a snowball at his feet. "Dad, I get to throw them at you! You do not throw them back. No dad!" We had to inform him that wasn't how it worked. It didn't go over well.

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