Monday, April 12, 2010

Our very own Curious George

Sometimes, I feel like having Brayden as a part of the family is like living with Curious George. I am often exasperated and Gavin likes to question, "Mom, is he being naughty?"
Most the time, I can't decide if he is naughty or just interested in everything. Although, he does get a defiant look when he really wants to press your buttons....Anyway...
Easter Sunday, Gavin had been sick, so Shawn stayed home with the kids. I had promised to help set up at church at 7 am. I called to check in about eight to see how it was going.
"You aren't going to believe it."
"What did he do."
"Brayden took off his sleeper, took off his diaper and smeared poop all over the pack and play, himself, and the blankets. I think he ate some. I have to go. He's in the tub and I'm trying to get it cleaned up."
My first thought, what a mess. Second thought, I am so glad he saved some of his creativity for his dad.
So, I left them to it and went into service and called to check on dad during my ride home.
"How's it going."
"You're not going to be happy."
"What did he do."
"Well, I got him cleaned up and in his Easter outfit and then set him and Gavin up to watch a show, so I could take a quick shower. He found a tub of vaseline, smeared it all over the floor in our room, laid down in it and began to smear it all over himself head to toe. I have a whole new respect for you."
"I'm sooo sorry Shawn."
"I have to go, I am trying to get it off in the tub...vaseline is hard to remove."
My first thought, darn it...the Easter outfits were cute and matching. Second thought, at least now Shawn will understand why sometimes when he gets home, I'm just done.
We love Brayden. I get a kick out of his love of life, curiosity and creativity. But man alive, that kid can wear you down! He is so busy. Shawn and I have already started praying that this can all be channeled into good works...I know he can be something great! He really does have a spunk that could change lives.
The real bummer in all of this, aside from the completely ruined Easter outfit, Shawn never got any pictures. He was to afraid to leave him alone any longer with the poop or vaseline, for fear of what might occur. I can appreciate this, the kid is quick. But man, it would have made for some quality kodak.

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