Thursday, April 29, 2010

The bonk beds

Upon request, we have some pics of the boys room...freshly painted with the new "Bonk Beds" as Gav refers to them. Since finding out WE ARE HAVING A GIRL...oh my goodness...I think there will be a little bit of redecorating over the crib. Good thing Shawn and I are too lazy, um, I mean busy, to have put any of the stuff back up on the walls!

Bray showing off his bunkBray's first night...he seems so small!
Showing mom how he goes night night.
He tries to help make the bed...showing me his new pillow
The crib & the khaki side of the room
The view from the door...a tad crowded...why yes!
Gavin, in his oh so Gavin "everything in it's place way" (where he gets this, I have no idea) places all his favorite things right up on his bed. Very tidy, very precise. The kid is a crack up. I especially like the toilet paper roll with the orange Easter egg in it. Now that's a keeper.

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