Monday, April 26, 2010

Silly bird

Today has been interrupted frequently by a banging noise coming from the far end of the house. At first, I thought someone was knocking on my window. Then, I was concerned someone was trying to break in. Then I braved pulling back the window drape to see a brown bird fly at me and smash itself into the window. I jumped back, taken off guard and then started laughing a bit. Silly bird.
I figured, the bird would figure it out sooner or later. But to no avail, this little guy must have smashed himself into the back windows over 200 times. He started at about 7 and was still going around 3:30. He did try different windows and even resorted to the sliding glass door a few times (until he saw Brayden who was fascinated and would slam himself into the door to get a better look). But in the end...the bird did not make it in.
I was thinking how stubborn this bird was...trying the same thing over and over. I had to laugh a bit, seeing as today was a super stubborn day with Brayden, trying the same thing, over and over. And a stubborn day with mommy, who tried to discipline the same way over and over. None of us were getting anywhere and with all the head butting, I am pretty sure we all had headaches (I cannot attest to the bird and Brayden, but I did).
Finally, the rain came and the bird gave up. Brayden has not given up and neither have I. But I did at least resolve to find some new tactics.
Thank you little bird. I will let you know if your lesson was any good.

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