Monday, April 19, 2010

A time to laugh

Between sicknesses (from Gavin's asthma and random fevers spiking to 103.9, to Brayden's sinus infection and his mysterious case of pooping pure liquid over 30 times in one day) Birthdays (Shawn's, shawn's mom and brother, Brayden's, my neice maryn and my mom's) and life, we have been quite occupied. Not much time to catch up and journal about life, liberty and the pursuit of sanity (:
To be honest, there isn't a whole lot new going on. Gavin is still loving his soccer games. He is not all that fabulous at the sport, but his desire to play and smile of joy make up for it. Gav is definitely starting to grow up. We can expect more cooperation and logic from him, but along with that there is more negotiation and frustration when he fails to seal the deal. (Whining has reached a whole new level).
Bray is, well Bray. He is active, on the go and is loving the sunshine and outdoors. He would do the "lawn" any day with his plastic lawn mower and blowing/eating bubbles never seems to get old for him. He acquired a bike for his birthday, so we now take bike trips down the street and back, his little legs propelling him like Fred Flinstone, because they aren't even close to reaching the wheels.
I am nearly 19 weeks into this pregnancy and tired enough to prove it. I look at my boys getting more and more self sufficient and think, "What was going through my head...we are starting all over?" But then I see their big boy moves and think, "At least all my babies aren't grown more!"
I must say, with the business of dr. appointments and birthdays, I feel like we missed a month of life and somewhere in there, we turned a corner. The boys are older. Not necessarily wiser Today I found Brayden trying to stick his hand in a light socket...why he thinks this is clever, I am not sure. Yesterday, I found Gavin trying to pee standing up and found a majority of the pee floating around the outside of the toilet all over the ground...about a gallon of it, I'd say.
But they can get their gear ready to go by themselves. They can set their own places for dinner and say grace. They can play together for approximately 5 minutes without someone falling apart. And they can go outside all by themselves while mommy works on dinner. It's huge.
I am relishing these days. They are good days, with sweet boys.
So I am taking a moment to breathe in recognize that I am enjoying parenting. We are healthy and happy and it has been sunny three days straight! It's a seasonal thing and I am sure the season will change soon enough. But for is a time to laugh and I am so grateful!

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