Tuesday, April 21, 2009

all the yuckies

Dirt. I have lots of dirt in this house. My kids like dirt. Gavin likes to dig in it. Brayden likes to eat it. I, well, I like to clean it.
Poop. My kids are regulars. Gavin talks about his "big poo-poos" when he finishes with them. He likes to see me flush poo poo. He reminds me we can still smell the poo-poo. (With my boys, sometimes it's hours later.) Brayden, he just poo-poos a lot and in very odd shades. I, well, I am pretty certain, our garbage can will forever smell like poo-poo, even when the diaper days are long gone.
Boogers. Gavin will only allow you to get them out if he can "see 'em" when you're done. The amount of snot and bugers that have left my children's nostrils is amazing. The amount that has been transfered to my left shoulder is just as incredible. Gavin likes to see 'em. Brayden likes to smear them. I, well, I like to wash them off my clothing.
Dirt, poop and boogers. We refer to them all as "yuckies" here, but my boys are starting to become fascinated with the yuckies. I am sure it is just the beginning. My boys like messes and here they have an OCD mother. God smiles. Thanks for the lessons Big Guy.

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