Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Happy Heart

I am trying to teach Gavin to have a "Happy Heart". (By this I actually mean content heart, but it doesn't sound as kid friendly, so I'm stickin' with happy.) He is a sweet child, but can get frustrated easily and is having a hard time with first time obedience and rejoicing at his brother's success. Even as I write it, this seems like some big expectations for a 2 year old, but when you break it down, I don't think it is.
To accept that we aren't going to do choo-choo train colors every minute of the day shouldn't be a monumental chore. To get in his chair when I tell him to...not too tough. It shouldn't take me asking three times and I should not hear "No." To say "Good Job Brayden" when he walks, instead of pushing him can be done. All of these things I know he is capable of.
And so we institute time outs. (To be honest, Gavin obeys best when I tell him to go to time out. He runs there crying, but he goes the first time I ask him...weird.) Or when he has a fit because he is frustrated, he has to sit on his bed with his blanky until he can have a "Happy heart". I feel as though lately Gavin is in time out or on his bed, quite often. It is frustrating...not only for me, but for him too, I am sure.
We want our family to be about getting along, trying hard, and encouraging one another. And so daily, I gear up to do battle again, with a two year old who has yet to see beyond himself. And as I send him to time out for the ...I don't know what time...I realize I need to use each minute he's in there to pray. Because, my lessons may be a means to an end, but his heart will never see beyond himself without God's help. And frankly, my heart won't be so happy without some divine intervention as well!

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  1. Thanks for your insights & humor! I love reading your blog! Love, Amy Hanson