Friday, April 10, 2009

It pays to be cute

It starts so young.
This morning I heard Gavin's voice from in my room, "Mama, help please."
I went to open the door and looked down. "You are not supposed to be in there without Mom or Dad."
"Sorry, Mama." He voiced, as he tried to edge around me. It is then I notice his clenched fist and his desire to get me out of the way.
"Gavin, what is in your hand."
"Scuse me Mama." So focused on getting to his room. I followed him to see him march straight over to his piggy bank and start depositing the coins he had confiscated from Shawn's change jar. The little sneak!
I had to laugh. He loves that piggy bank. As Shawn pointed out, "We could give him buttons and he'd be just as happy. Don't worry about it." I am not worried...yet. I am sure someday, the child will think money grows on trees and he'll sneak to the change jar because he really wants that quarter! When that day comes, I will have to teach him he can't just have money, it's got to be earned.
But for now, I had to give him some props for his ability save and to put his cuteness to use. He has earned many a dollar today transfering those coins from daddy's jar to his bank. I'll tell you what...if he weren't so cute, his pursuit would have been stopped. But until he really understands the value of a dollar, he's going to make bank.

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