Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Three boys and one coffee pot

Today we had "baby Logan" over. We watch him on Mondays and Tuesdays. He is about 7 months old. Gavin is very helpful to him and Brayden, well I think he likes having someone littler around (although at the rate logan is growing, he won't be littler much longer).
The amount of energy three boys have is amazing. I only have one coffee pot and it is proving not to be enough to keep up.
This morning: Brayden & Gavin had both painted (part of a mother's day gift I can't disclose here), Gavin had played 3 games of memory with mommy, Brayden had locked himself his bedroom three times with accompanying whining to get help escaping the baby gate, Gavin had put together 2 puzzles, Logan had jumped in the exersaucer, Brayden had found his way back to the remote controls on the other side of the house twice (and I swore I had closed that door...) Logan had rolled his head into (and I mean "into" as in, inside) of the home depot tool bench I don't know how many times, Gavin had run around the couch chasing Brayden for at least 10 minutes (somehow avoiding Logan's head feet and hands which seemed to be directly in the way at all times, no matter how often I moved him), Brayden found his way under the table multiple times, each time crashing on the way out, Gavin found me at least 4 times to tell me..."Mom, what baby doing?" (translation: "Mom, the baby is doing something you don't like"...this time it was climbing on the fireplace)...and I am sure there was more that occured.
In between all this, I did manage to feed them all, clothe them all, get the kitchen cleaned up, have two successful potty trips with Gavin, two poopy diapers with the younger ones, throw in a load of laundry and get myself together for the day...I was proud. Because all this happened before 9 am.
For real...if it weren't for the recession, I'd insist on investing in coffee, instead I think I am going to invest in a bigger coffee pot.

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  1. This totally made me smile. I could picture each and every activity as if I was there. Maybe when we come up I should bring a bag of Starbucks coffee instead of a single latte!