Monday, April 13, 2009

Young again...

I am finally beginning to understand how come we all thought our parents were nerds when they acted like kids. I firmly believe, after 25, you never feel older, you just get older. Therefore, when you do something that a 25 year old (or younger) might do, people think you are...well, dumb. Tonight I was "dumb" and I loved it.
Two of my dear friends, Stephanie and Janelle, and I went out. These ladies are now in High School, though I met them when they were 7 & 10 and I had just started as Director of Children's Ministry. And though they were just "little kids" they became some of my best friends at church. Not so little anymore, but still dear to my heart, I have wanted to see them for a long time. But they are in High School, which translates to...they have lives. And well, I am a mom, which translates life, but two really cute tag-a-longs. It's been a long time coming, but we finally had a reason to make this get together happen....Hannah Montana.
Bless these girls, they were the ones I would drag to all the teeny bop films when I worked at the church. I love those flicks. Stephanie has probably seen more Hillary Duff than and girl should and I remember making Janelle listen to Hillary in the car. (Yes, they still hung out with me...go figure?) Anyway...since Hannah came out, we made a date.
It was "life-changing" as Janelle put it. We laughed, Stephanie sang along with "The Climb" (pretty full volume, too) and we all held hands as Hannah revealed she is really Miley (spoiler alert...sorry if I ruined this for any closet fans). And I was young again...we took our picture with our tickets and decided it was worth all 10 dollars we had to pay. I love those girls.
It's moments like this, where I can't believe I am a mom. I walked back to my car, saw the car seats and thought...really? When did I become old enough to have two car seats and a sippy cup in the cup holder? Am I old enough to raise kids? Shouldn't there be some permit I had to get? Cuz seriously, Janelle and Steph are great with kids and though in High School, sometimes I think they might really have better ideas on what to do with my kids than I do. When did I become 31? And why does 60 seem "young" now?
I would like to take this moment to thank Janelle and Stephanie, for letting me be young again...or old and dumb...I am not sure which. They have made my life better on so many levels that I only pray one day they will understand. I look at them and though they are technically young, they are much older than the 7 and 10 year olds I first knew and I am so proud of them and in such awe of the women they are becoming! I pray my kids grow up to have the same kindness towards people and love of the Lord they have.
And though, I still want to get dates with them to sit down and catch up and get to know what's happening in their hearts and lives, I can't help but thank the Lord for a night out with Janelle, Stephanie and Hannah. Thanks girls, for not being too old for Hannah or too young for a thirty one year old mom. I love you. And I love Hannah.

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