Monday, April 6, 2009


It is amazing how various items we own, which at first appear so harmless, turn into weapons of distruction the minute a little boy touches them. The latest and greatest at our house is the "ho-yo"...aka yo-yo.
Gifted to him at the Easter egg hunt Gavin recentely attended, said yo-yo has been on the rampage for two days now. To spite the fact that the packaging said for three and under, we opened it, had it sized for him and now we are jumping, ducking and pulling Brayden aside to avoid it's onslaught. Brilliant, I know. (Why start heeding the age recommendations now?)
Gavin was needing it rolled up again and again. He can get about one "yo" out of it and then he needs help. Finally giving up on the up and down motion, he has taken to swinging it around and whacking whatever may be in it's way. We tried to teach him "walk the dog" and had him dragging it behind him, telling him, "Look, you are doing a trick." Not to be decieved, this lasted for about two minutes before the yo-yo was back in motion over his head and into his brothers.
Finally we gave up and made the yo-yo an outside toy. It sleeps indoors. Yes I have even tucked it into a blanket. Outside it comes alive at full force. I will say, my bushes and plants have taken a thrashing, but it beats his brothers head or my shin.

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